pass value from PHP to JavaScript

How to pass value from PHP to JavaScript

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In this tutorial we would be learning on how to pass value from PHP to JavaScript.

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What you’ll need:

  • Basic JavaScript and PHP knowledge.

Step 1: Declare the PHP variable.

In this example we would be using a string variable named $myPHPVar containing the string Hello World!

Step 2: Declare the JavaScript variable.

The JavaScript variable named myJSVar will be the one to receive the data from the PHP variable that we have created in Step 1.

Step 3: Assign the PHP variable to the JS variable.

The PHP variable containing Hello World! is now assigned to our JavaScript variable named myJSVar.

Complete code:

If you might want to check if the variable myJSVar really contains the string Hello World!, you can do it using the JavaScript functions alert() or console.log(). Personally, I would recommend using console.log() and see the output in the console.

Basic usage:

This should print the string Hello World! in the console tab of your debugging tools.

That’s it I hope you have learned something from this tutorial.

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