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How to create SEO friendly url in PHP

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In this tutorial we would be creating a PHP function that will convert a string to create SEO friendly url that can be used in your website.

We will also use some predefined PHP functions such as strtolower and preg_replace for this tutorial. The goal of this tutorial is to create SEO friendly url from string.

You may see that the url of this tutorial is

From that, we can observe the characteristics of a SEO friendly url. First thing is that the url is only composed of lowercase characters, no special characters, no whitespaces and last no “%20” in the url.

What you’ll need:

  • Basic PHP functions knowledge.

Step 1: Create a function with a string parameter.

We would be using the parameter $string to receive the data when our function is being invoked.

Step2: Convert the string to lowercase.

This will now return a lowercase version of the string.

Step 3: Remove special characters from the string.

We added a line of code that will remove all special characters leaving only the alphanumeric present.

Step 4: Remove all double dashes “–” and double spaces ”  “

The next line of code will remove duplicates from spaces and dashes.

Step 5: Convert all underscores and white spaces to dashes.

Complete Code:

The last line of code that we added converts all underscore and spaces to dashes creating a SEO friendly url. This will be the last step and this function will now return an SEO friendly url.

Basic usage:

That’s pretty much it for this tutorial. I hope you have a good use for it.

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