Homepage: https://www.drophive.ph
API: https://api.drophive.ph/
CDN: https://cdn.drophive.ph/
Status: https://status.drophive.ph/

Drophive is an online platform where the suppliers and resellers can meet halfway while securing every transaction and maintaining integrity for each party.

Platform/s: Web, iOS, and Android.

Admin Features:

• Approve users.
• Process orders.
• Confirm payments.
• Update global app settings.
• Access audit trails.
• Product management.
• User management.
• Access all report (sales, subscriptions, etc)
• Generate user’s monthly earnings report.

User Features:

• Sign up.
• 5 Step KYC.
• Place an order.
• Update an order.
• Track orders.
• Cancel/renew subscription.
• Access monthly earnings report.
• Customize profile.